The war/conflict in Kosovo 1998-99 caused death to more than ten thousand civilian lives. More than one thousand of these victims are still missing; the families of the victims are suffering because of the uncertainty surrounding the fate their loved ones.

Any activities during 1998-99 aimed towards civilians that resulted in death or major physical and mental injuries are regarded as war crime acts and thus per definition are war crimes, regardless who committed them: Serbians, Albanians or Roma people.

There are hundreds if not thousands that participated or witnessed such activities and many of them suffer today mentally and psychologically because of what they were forced to participate in or witness:

  1. Former Serbian soldiers, officers, police officers, paramilitary men and other people who participated or witnessed war crimes.
  2. Kosovo Albanian soldiers, officers, police officers, and other people who participated in or witnessed war crimes under cover of ordinary activity.

If you belong to either of these groups, we kindly ask you to come forward. We will do our best to ease your heavy burden and guilt. Please click on the following link:

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All information that we obtain from former participants or witnesses will be handled confidentially concerning those who contribute information.

The Truth-Commission will work for a final solution for war crimes committed in Kosovo 1998-99 outside the judicial system.